Health Tourism

Turkey is certainly among the top medical tourism destinations in the world. Konya is a city where the most important health institutions in Turkey. Two major universities in our city have reached advanced levels in health services.

Konya is also a city of historical and cultural wealth, beside pioneering position in the field of health. It is also one of Turkey's most important metropolitan quiet and safe. It was the capital of the Seljuk State in history.
At the same time the hometown of Mevlana. He is a 13th century Muslim Saint and Anatolian mystic known throughout the world for his exquisite poems and words of wisdom, which have been translated into many languages. The United Nations declared 2007 The Year of Rumi and celebrations were held world wide.

Many foreign patients prefer Turkish hospitals due to low costs but high quality and technology standards. You will enjoy being in Konya after the medical procedures are completed or during outpatient appointments.
We are committed to organizing a city sightseeing tour. We are sure you will be amazed by unique activities in Konya.